Lake Michigan’s Welcome

waves lap gently

smoothing shoreline

and disquietude

with familiar kisses

swooshing placid rhythms

assiduously soothe

calloused trouble-layers

as sand does weary feet

pensive breezes

flutter nostalgia

in ultramarine waves

refresh fatigued spirits

practiced intimate demonstrations

mimic a long lost lover’s

mollifying caresses

The Emergence

she had languished

nearly submerged


in the skin-pruning depths

of the deepest dank well

clinging with full tenacity

achieving uprightness

in incremental measure

nostrils hovering

barely clearing

oily-scummed surface


in fits and starts

she slithered and clawed

wedging toes

scrabbling fingertips

ignoring the slough of dermis

fighting swamping suck

of shame

that feeds night creatures

from her putrified detritus

quivering in exertion

infinitesimal rising


climb, arduous and wearying

beneath shredded digits

stoned grips dry

slime drips off

truth stretches her limbs

stench thins

diluting its nasal infiltration

above, the rocky lip

backlit tantalizing

beckoning daylight

zenith surfaces, as does she


(image: Wikipedia, artist Jean Leon-Gerome)


burden of current events

weighs black and ponderous

crushing breath from chests

unspeakable carnage

bloodies belief

stuns compassionate senses

while corruption reigns supreme

trumping conscience or compunction

circumstances so surreal

they defy comprehension

stifle the very air

for those who dare inhale

the sky itself mirrors

anguish, pregnant of lead

bearing spun destruction

in smoked iron atmosphere

despair gestates, palpable


yet there, just there

a fissure in glowering gloom

cracks hesitant in blues

and faintest hints of gold

shifts and sways

just over the horizon

tentative rays of hope

Surprise Party

when she least expected it

they threw her a party

it was a fabulously festive fete

decorated in lavish

ballooned festoonery

hued in iridescent luminosity

tinted in fairy twinkling stardust


there was no calendared occasion

for this carousel of carousing choruses

chambered in octet octaves

orchestrated by rocking seraphim

harmonizing with oceanic refrains

breezing on celestial whispers

sung in angelic dulcet tones


the banquet was catered

by Dionysian attendants

bearing fruits of Gaia’s garden

reaped under harvest moon

cornucopia’d on Celtic crystal

draughted with Ambrosia

dribbled fingertips to lips


the ambience was perfumed

with subtle scent selections

wafting hints of honeysuckle

floating through tunnels

of aromatic essence

fragranced in lavendered layers

spiced with redolent seduction


they decked her out in haute couture

choreographing costume changes

tantalizing skin softly

draped in diaphanous silks

bewinged of gossamer feathers

cloaks of cascading chiffon

her words outdid themselves


(image: pinterest)

With Starlight for Dessert

Spontaneous collaboration, compiled from comments, with the ridiculously brilliant Ward Clever.

We’ve been eating word salad

With obfuscation vinaigrette

At a table set with bewilderment

In a confuse booth

With the daze de resistance

And an after-dinner cafe misto-fied

Will we ever get our just desserts?


He set it up

And she fell for it

He caught her just in time

Buckling his legs

Stopping them both at the last second, with a wink

She swoons, overcome with giggling

He gently lifts her to her feet,

And with his smile promises

He’ll never let her fall

She hesitates…..smiles in return

Arm in arm, they go off to look for champagne

Since they are feeling bubbly

And effervescent

They toast in silly self reference

Giggling at everything, the bubbles tickling their noses

Sipping tendriled wisps of joy

In due course

In the afters

Before the accomplish mints

Under the nightcap

After the happy spirits set in

Until the dawn breaks fast

And what passed between dusk and dawn had absolutely no leftovers

They were just picking up crumbs

Having devoured one another entirely

Hungers satisfied for the moment

Until the next elegant banquet

She sighs

He closes his eyes and smiles

Sleep drifts in contentedly

Dreams are undertones of happiness

Symphonic in the afterglow

Soothing in the epiphany

They offer each other refreshment

Warm feelings, like blankets before a fire

Comfort to the soul, in a glance or the slightest touch

Invisible sparks tingle, energizing happiness

Alighting aloft, new stars in the sky

They wish upon themselves immediately

Breathing life into future joys

Giving form to future smiles

Tattoing hope into their hearts

Soul Rape (as posted on Secret First Draft)

Recently I was afforded the incredible honor of being asked to join Secret First Draft. Today they published this piece:

naked and shackled

she is penned to the page

she clutches tattered

vestiges of dignity


she fails to cover herself

or fend off

the vicious stripping

of her privacy

with each heinous

thrust of pointed nibs

they anoint themselves

absolved of depravity

in her proclaimed guilt

“Isn’t it true

you were wearing

your naivete

cut down to there?”

they berate her

in rhythmic assaults

“we know you

strutted around in

your belief

 in human goodness”

they pound into her

bruised and battered

“we have pictures

of your giving nature

skin-tight, slit

to the moon”

they leer, animalistic

hiss and sneer

“we have witnesses

who will testify

you trusted

much too loosely


they exhaust themselves

emptying poison

into her limp vessel

as with all

who become their prey

she falls silent

convinced any fight

provokes further violations

she closes her mind

shutters shattered psyche

while they chuckle

grin in self-congratulation

wiping themselves off

after the rape

of her soul


Epic Glances

I want to look into the eyes

of the you who sees

in my ambered flecks of pain

long traveled travails

not smoky jet trails

of practiced perfidy

I want to hold the gaze

of the you who regards

the lines feather-etched

in optical corners

testaments to smiled miles

not aged allegations

I want mutual glances

to bask in storied tales

tenderly turning the pages

of our life and times

writ of love and heartache

with every kiss of my lips

each slow-motion

wink of an eye

(Artist: unknown)