All in a Day’s Work

I am weighing in

on matters of weight

and consequence

I measure my words

for breadth and depth

pour them forth

in tones of equal measure

passionate and restrained.

he hears a waspish

background buzz

drowned under

the squelching

of my sopping pudenda

as he pounds,

pounds and pounds.

I see

his erroneous prerogative

in his delusional


interpretation –

conjuring a mirage,

a wet and shimmering


beckoning his thirst,

begging for repetitive


dry as the Sahara

I burn his retinas

with the unrelenting


of my rejecting stare,


assertations of import

steadfastly comport


above (his) sea level


One Nation, Deconstructed

under a power structure

founded upon

prone bodies

supple curves

grappled into place

their place

the walls stand

with their stony



the power brokers

believed us broken

faulty bedrock

in the bottom line

as they gave us

the shaft

they laid the groundwork

of their own undoing

as they fondled

nuts and bolts.

we weary

of eating their dust

in the grimy substratum

so we rise

from our knees

spitting out truth

with their limp dipsticks

dislodge ourselves

from musty corners


buildings rumble


the system








Carp and the Fishwife

I have carpe diemed

until all the carp

are washed up

on the shore

gasping fishwifery

roughness bristling


between whistling whiskers

and all I’ve seized

slips termagant and scaly

from grasping idolatry.

I have spawned upriver

up the falls

beyond grandmother’s house

my scales shimmering

rusted rainbow glimmering


in the faltering

rays of the day

until all I am left with

are mottled fish kisses

flaking incrustations

and the film of rotting chum

scummy skinned

upon my teeth



I have stripped

languorous and playful

pirouetted inexpert

with bra-toss flourish

inside inviolable cocoon

of lover’s gaze


I have been stripped

icy delousing showered

quaking and shaking

silenced in shivering

submission, backlit

beneath baleful stares


I have sauntered

in my altogether

sipping coffee

of a lazy morn

desultorily conversant

secure in my abode


I have endured

humiliation de rigueur

squat and cough

correctional convention

senses and sensibilities

brusquely manacled


I am armored


in the smelted iron


of all my


cloaked animalistic

in fervor


Authoring Angles

you should write a book

they tell me

various perusers

of my life’s

recent chapters.

ever at internal skirmish

diffident plaid skirted


raises head and eyebrows

in self-effacing surprise

shrouding wonderment

beneath a shrug

and a vague maybe someday

while dauntless

badass bitch

square of shoulder

and peg, ill-fitting

of normative round holes

gazes direct

between hard-earned

crows’ feet

barely biting back

damn straight

and everyone

should read it.



I consider

each source

evaluate motivation

feel out

hidden angles

compile subtitles

to my unwritten



not for voyeuristic consumption

I am NOT an object lesson


dare the world


with open eyes

Poison Penned

Whisper and the Roar

I’ve been sipping hemlock

in my coffee

it dripped off

your eyelashes

in disdainful


with each unnerving sip

collapsing breaths

ask what would happen

if you looked at me?

Would the razors

in your eyes

slice my shrinking soul?

Would you see, perchance,

me, no demonic priestess

you have burned in effigy?

I munch arsenic

on my popcorn

it was sprinkled

from the blast

of your hushed


in the nauseating crunch

twisted innards

wonder at the fallout

if you listened to me?

Would my words

rebound against deaf ears

forever silence me?

Would you hear, ever,

hard complicated truths,

not censure and controversy?

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