Yoga’s gift “inside”

A concrete courtyard with fresh air and unfiltered sunshine is a sought-after haven

Luck or chance graces them with precious extra moments

She lays on the concrete & absorbs the healing rays

Attempting a rudimentary yoga routine, she is watched with interest

A young woman asks to learn—the relief of having something to give, if only for a moment

Words from another life flood her brain

Yoga instructor’’s injunction at the end of practice:

“Nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing to fix.”

Then—a blessing, precious moments of stillness in a hectic, chaotic world

Now—such a curse!

Her heart aches to be useful—she sweeps her cell floor again

The chill air is bracing, the sky overcast & grey,

Moving quickly, she works up a sweat

Challenging herself to focus

Yoga balance poses require concentration

Pull her from endless rumination

Meditation in movement, yoga is

(Apparently Yoda concurs)

The warrior dance soothes

Muscle memory conjures comfort

Balance attained only via focus

Breath, mind, body attuned

Jail backdrop fades

Now an indistinct murmur

Delving deep into dormant

Atrophied muscle memory

Yoga enhances composure.

Airplane lightens grief

Boat floats possibilities, belief

Chataranga coaxes compassion

Crow channels calm

Downwarddog dispels desperation

Eagle elevates equilibrium

Goddess gives grace

Half-moon holistically hones hope

Pigeon persuades patience

Triangle teaches tolerance

Twisted Anjanayasana wrings out woes

Vinyasa releases resentment

Warrior powers perspective

Folding, flowing, pausing, holding

Yin Yang



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