Camping..or I wish

Tonight, washing her prison couture grannie panties

Before an audience of strangers at the bathroom sink

She is grateful she lists camping as a childhood experience

Hunger over-ruling discernment of her palate

Cleanliness defined relative

To hygiene products at hand

Toileting without doors when nature calls

Personal history reminds her

She can weather these trials.

Imagination could conjure the rest of the tableau

She hesitates….fearful her bleak environs

All the more stifling in contrast

Embers of the dying campfire

Glow red and chalky white

As the logs crumble

Crack in papery pieces

Disintegrating gently

Sparks waft gently aloft

She crouches near the pit

Kneels against smoothes stones ringing the fire

Toasting her face, hands, chest

While her backside is chilled

By the encroaching night air

Eyes closed

Distinctive wood smoke drapes her

As the breeze shifts in her direction.

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