Oak Leaves

Discarded oak leaves

Maintain persistent presence

Stubbornly clustered along fence’s base

Defiantly perched upon frosted turf.

Fluttering intermittently,

Inched along haphazardly

By inexorable winds of change,

Oblivious to the internal tumult

In their repeated observer.

Not yet de-veined, disintegrated,

Perhaps, she ponders

She is, herself, neither.


11 thoughts on “Oak Leaves

  1. You were starting to really feel it here, I think. The shock had worn off, and the reality of the situation had really set in. The new society had replaced the old one. I can’t imagine how that must have been.

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    1. What’s really strange is that somehow it all feels surreal still even on the other side. Sometimes I will see someone out in public that looks like someone from prison and I can’t place at first where they look familiar from

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      1. And then the other piece is that I sort of expected when I came home for all of those normal things to be such a shock and it came back more naturally than I thought. Like I got in my car and I drove and I didn’t really have to think about how to do it and I even though we joked about that we would carry toilet paper around with us all the time when we got home of course I didn’t do that or automatically wake up at 5:15 every morning waiting for count like those things all went away very strangely

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