Time: Who Knows?

The passage of time

Hundred Acre Woods

Character animatech

Owl astutely apportions

Day’s segments to wise endeavors

Operating on flawed premises:

Control over inexorable flow

Christopher Robin meanders evenly

Equal parts aware, unconcerned

With each minute’s continual march.

Kanga, mom-pragmatic

Marks time in tasks accomplished

Savors fleeting seconds

Roo-free at nightfall.

Piglet frets time elastic

Anxiously stretches painful moments

While pleasured ones snap by,

Pooh licks each sweet moment

Liquid gold compressed

Time’s passage honey-pot counted

Rumbly-tumbly stomach addressed.

Tigger bouncy-trounces time

Pouncing fun, fun, fun

Morning, noon, night oblivious

Tail-hopping he’s the one

Eeyor’s morose melancholic assessment

Betrays darkly hidden past

Eloquent in time’s tortuous elongation

Single second’s transformation to

“Days, weeks, months, who knows”

Echoes time-doing woes

Only heart-rendingly incarceration known.

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