A Tale of Two Truths

She set out to right injustice

She arrived at scales unbalanced

She offered compassionate companionship

She received desolate isolation

She gave empathic understanding

She was gifted judgmental disbelief

She joined believed righteous cause

She was swept wrongly along

She planned to lift downtrodden

She inadvertantly trodder became

She helped a lost hurting soul

She hurt many she previously helped

She built one’s sense of purpose

She demolished her own purposeful life

She honored one’s cautious confidences

She dishonored precious trust of many

She gained exquisite appreciation of freedom

She lost her own, unintended result

She conveyed stalwart support

She relinquished steadying center

She held tightly to promises extracted

She lost reins to oaths freely given

She succeeded in understanding desperation

She failed at preventing her own

She believed in another’s forthrightness

She distrusted to tell her own tale

She sat, listened intently, for hours

She sits, unheard and alone, for months

She began in innocent assistance

She ended in duplicitous detriment

It started from the strength of her soul

It derailed from the weakness of her fears

She sowed the best of intentions

She reaped the worst of results.


8 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Truths

  1. Even though you had a lot of time for self-reflection, that was probably the last thing you wanted to do much of the time. Self-protection was probably more important, I would guess. Protecting your sanity.

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