Life giving, timeless

Elemental sustenance.

Varieties endless,

Plain and wholesome to flavorful and fancy.

Crafting homemade bread an ingrained

Artful Labor of Love.

Precious time poured into mixing bowls

Tender concern measured carefully

Tradition sifted in

Wisdom cracked open.

Straining muscles stir in health, harmony

Blend evenly with kindness, joy

Capable hands knead in nurturance

Process tended with patience

Leavening warmly coaxed

Doubling spiritedly punched

Creations lovingly cinnamon blessed

Oven-womb received

Yeasty aroma suffuses the air

Loaves enticingly crust

Turn toasty golden brown

Heart and soul baked into

Every loaf of Yummy Goodness.


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