Mail Call

Morning mail call

Highly anticipated event

Postal signal of love and remembrance

Delays cause agitated whispers

Murmuring spread across the room

Anxious speculatory wondering.

Expected missives undelivered

Engender frustration, hurt

Seeds of cancerous concern

Worry the outside world

Marched on, forgot

Left them forsaken & forlorn

Successful deliveries energize

Despite contents, intermittently

Prompting streaming tears or ranting fury.

Bursts of activity ensue

Boastful passing of pictures enclosed

Sharing of exerpts tender or hilarious

Enthusiastic, hesitant or tormented

Responses are drafted

Purposeful passage of time

Postal service delivered.

3 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. This must have been an absolutely vital link to outside, for you and for everyone. I have my phone in my pocket all the time. I can’t imagine now having no communication.

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