Spring Sun

Gently strengthening spring sun

Asserts itself, boldening balm

Daffodil yellow rays coax relaxation

Weave protective filaments of warmth

Drape dappled fronds of healing

Upon winter’s starved countenance.

Windbursts swirl, frollic

Lion cubs tussling playfully

Rustle autumns’ leafy detritus

Echoing swan song, year departed

Scouring, shining

Dressing the world anew.

Purification Ladders?

Residual dampness from yesterday’s icy rain


Saturating courtyard bricks burgundy

Painting mythical ladders toward heavenly sky

Vision clambers up makeshift staircase

Stretching fantasy limbs skyward,

Grasping for sun and clouds

Purification of skin and soul

Possible in boundless nature.

Drinking Rain

Rain pours rhythymically

Resoundingly roof-top

Real among the foreign institutional sounds

Amazingly comforting, auditory reminder

Natural cycles continue.

Unobliterated by concrete and steel

Heavens nurturing the earth

Ears perked, gulping thirstily

She drinks it in


Stretching tentatively

Reluctantly preparing to rise

Rubbing eyes gently before

Slowly slitting them open

Nectarine hues hover tantalizingly

Hang half-lit window shrouds.

Motivated to movement,

She clambers upright

Hungrily grabs the bars

Deterring window gazing

Pulls herself closer to the source.

Sunrise salmon-pinks

Haphazardly strewn across the sky

Above and below the treeline.

Seeping through stripped branches:

Mother nature’s breath-taking

Invitation to the dawning day.

Razor-wire clad fence

Glows deceptively rosy

In the foreground.

Giving Thanks

Fleeing future visionary ghosts

She gives Thanks today

With her family of confinement

For her family of blood, love and choice

And for the rare delicacy

Of a simple fresh unshriveled orange

Mimicking treats of a “Little House” Christmas

High Poison

She steeps in conversational poison

Endless exhausting barrage

Escapades recounted

Congratulatory stories

Highs sought and attained

Stashes saved

Anticipating post-jail celebrations

Callous, entitled use of others,

Gains money on books or a casual fuck

Excused, justified, delighted in

Selfish narcissism personified.

First high, last high

Worst high, best high

Highs with her, highs with him

Highs with you, highs with them

Highs here, high there

Highs nearly everywhere

Highs October, November, December

Highs not remotely remembered

Bizarre permutation on Dr. Suess

Round and round, duck, duck, goose.

Heralds of Crickets

Hot hazy humid

Dog days of summer

Stifling August doldrums

Birds inhabit shade’s cooling

Fence perched visits dwindle

Butterflies flutter desultorily

Flitting orange, yellow, white

Crickets the musical accompaniment

Chirp herald to the month

Springy hopping ushers of

Subtle seasonal change