Friendship’s Weathered Web

Delicate silken threads

Woven in intricate patterns

Strands of shared laughter

Stickiness of private jokes

Ensnared with memories.

Constructed upon triumphs enthusiastically celebrated

Spun with tragedies jointly mourned

Web of friendship

Layered in time.

Whipped, tattered

In winds of change

Torn by choices

Shredded with words

Ripped asunder in diverging paths.

Painstakingly re-built

Strung with tears in darkest night

Knitted with empathy

Pearled with forgiveness

Dusk to dawn

Patterns altered, reconfigured

Connections mended, reinforced

Strengthened in brilliance of love

Shimmering dewbright

Greats the new day.

January Sky

Horizontal six inch slice of nature

Vestigal views from cell portal to the world:

Dismal grey January clouds

Segmented and torn,

Mayhaps by winds fierce

Reveal variegated bands of sky

Blues, baby to bright,

Hues, gentle cornflower, brilliant azure

Belie harsh January expectations

Deny denuded dreary landscape.

Heavens, of their own merit

Blanket equally any season

Cloak all temperatures.

Amazed, bewildered:

Has she never before

Seriously contemplated

A January sky?

Feelings Eaten

“Feelings eaten” here nightly

Sadness soaked up

Slurped with endless noodles

Anxiety assuaged,

Soothed in peanut butter spoonfuls

Loneliness lessened

Crushed under nutty bar crunching

Chaos calmed in coffee concoctions.

Caring, concern communicated

In shared sugary excess



Diamond shards of solitude snatched,

Sifted from people-sludged silt

That flows turgidly observed

Through over-populated days

Silvery seconds stolen

Parsed from perpetual presence.

Toileting sans audience becomes

Platinum throned

Timeless treasure.

Bejeweled slumber quickly descends

Minus bunk mate

Deepens golden sleep

Changing clothes unobserved,

Freedom, luxurious as silk and lace

Duration, frequency uncertain

Moments stored under lock and key

Hoarded for future glittering review.

Nuggets of privacy:


Library Balm

Momentary solace a sanctuary

Library ambiance soothes

Prison walls, bars recede in prominence

Knowledge, edification shift into focus

Reprieve from negativity, tedium treasured.

Tuning out needless chatter

She immerses herself in browsing

Books beneficial balm to aching soul.

Sun sneaks past bars

Bathes selected chair

Caresses sensorily deprived skin

Rays warm arms

Heal withered heart

Unexpected bonus gift

Surprisingly bestowed,

Gratefully received.



Life giving, timeless

Elemental sustenance.

Varieties endless,

Plain and wholesome to flavorful and fancy.

Crafting homemade bread an ingrained

Artful Labor of Love.

Precious time poured into mixing bowls

Tender concern measured carefully

Tradition sifted in

Wisdom cracked open.

Straining muscles stir in health, harmony

Blend evenly with kindness, joy

Capable hands knead in nurturance

Process tended with patience

Leavening warmly coaxed

Doubling spiritedly punched

Creations lovingly cinnamon blessed

Oven-womb received

Yeasty aroma suffuses the air

Loaves enticingly crust

Turn toasty golden brown

Heart and soul baked into

Every loaf of Yummy Goodness.

A Tale of Two Truths

She set out to right injustice

She arrived at scales unbalanced

She offered compassionate companionship

She received desolate isolation

She gave empathic understanding

She was gifted judgmental disbelief

She joined believed righteous cause

She was swept wrongly along

She planned to lift downtrodden

She inadvertantly trodder became

She helped a lost hurting soul

She hurt many she previously helped

She built one’s sense of purpose

She demolished her own purposeful life

She honored one’s cautious confidences

She dishonored precious trust of many

She gained exquisite appreciation of freedom

She lost her own, unintended result

She conveyed stalwart support

She relinquished steadying center

She held tightly to promises extracted

She lost reins to oaths freely given

She succeeded in understanding desperation

She failed at preventing her own

She believed in another’s forthrightness

She distrusted to tell her own tale

She sat, listened intently, for hours

She sits, unheard and alone, for months

She began in innocent assistance

She ended in duplicitous detriment

It started from the strength of her soul

It derailed from the weakness of her fears

She sowed the best of intentions

She reaped the worst of results.

Time: Who Knows?

The passage of time

Hundred Acre Woods

Character animatech

Owl astutely apportions

Day’s segments to wise endeavors

Operating on flawed premises:

Control over inexorable flow

Christopher Robin meanders evenly

Equal parts aware, unconcerned

With each minute’s continual march.

Kanga, mom-pragmatic

Marks time in tasks accomplished

Savors fleeting seconds

Roo-free at nightfall.

Piglet frets time elastic

Anxiously stretches painful moments

While pleasured ones snap by,

Pooh licks each sweet moment

Liquid gold compressed

Time’s passage honey-pot counted

Rumbly-tumbly stomach addressed.

Tigger bouncy-trounces time

Pouncing fun, fun, fun

Morning, noon, night oblivious

Tail-hopping he’s the one

Eeyor’s morose melancholic assessment

Betrays darkly hidden past

Eloquent in time’s tortuous elongation

Single second’s transformation to

“Days, weeks, months, who knows”

Echoes time-doing woes

Only heart-rendingly incarceration known.

Layers of M&Ms

Four peanut M&M’s

Hoarded evening treat

Color variety selected

Perpetuating fanciful delusion

Color coating nuances flavor

Hard shelled candy morsel

Cheek secreted tongue pressed

Slowly thinning fragility

Cracks inward to melty chocolate

Gooes delectably dissolving

Delightful smushing oozes

Layering sweet-crunchy tidbits

Sugared tastations receding

Peanut center unveiled

Wearing residual chocolate skin

Peanut saltily crunches in

Sweet-blending finale

Mouth celebration

Thrice more repeated

Mindfully taste-savored expansion.