Water’s Healing

Wild water

Waves of memory

Bodily encoded

In vivid recollection

Heal and free once more.

Lake Michigan’s beloved shores

Rock-strewn sandy expanses

Fresh waves cool

Mid-day limbs heated

Sweaty with summer’s sun

Limped lapping waters

Brace flesh, initially chill

Dazzle with reflected sun

Welcome in comforting rhythms

Ebb and flow ageless as time.

Sultry southern beaches

Salt air and wind and sea

Palm trees sway in greeting

Slow, in sun-drenched ennui

White sand, soft talc powder

Coats legs from toe to knee

Dophins frolic off shore

Wild beauty playing free

Waves surge, ease to dribble

Drift shells, bright glittery

Warm skin in salted bath

Purge soul of agony.

Meandering mountain streams

Whisper hidden presence

Surprise, snake silently

Trickle in burbling rivulets

Smoothing rock cascade

Sing of earth’s lyrical bounty

Hum a life-giving tune

Twist through gouged crevices

Swirl in deepening pods

Carve sculpturous niches

Latent moment bejeweled

Breath-taking in immersion

Frigid shock to skin

Equally in vista

Awe at nature’s whims

Each gush, flow and splash

Shower refreshingly.


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