Philosophical Musings

Philosophical late night musings:

Worldly chaos erupting

Arctic permafrost melting

Western expanses scorched

Portends end of days

Impending apocolypse.

Intriguing debate ensues

God’s hand or human folly

Cataclysm’s catalyst?

Eschewing literal interpretation

Biblical prognostication

She disavows devil’s

Corporal active entity,

Hellfires’ infernal blazing

Asserts damnation’s

“Time served”

Occurs on earthen ground.

Shocking bunkie’s sensibilities

Proposing less catastrophic

Event interpretation

Human kind’s resilient survival

Through graver chapters historic.

Terrorism, global warming

Wall Street’s roller coasting

Sway not hopeful tenet.

Silent, she scknowledges

In dumbfounded disbelief

Should “the Donald” secure nomination

Would that Trump her assertation

Does Armadeddon, indeed,

Blustering swagger in?


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