Silence, still golden, sounds different here:

Human voices blissfully hushed

Purposeless movements stilled

Squawking radios paused

Loudspeaker at ease.

Blowing industrial fan hum

Drones persistently on.

Conjured memories of alternate “silences”

Treasured in the real world:

Summer nighttime chorus:

Symphonic crickets, bullfrogs, cicadas

Naturally harmonious melody

Drifts through windows on gentle breezes,

Rains timid or torrential

Guest performers in the orchestra.

Autumn’s crisply rustling quiet:

Staccato bursts as rattling leaves twist,

Release tenacious grips of branches,

Descend to join neighbors

Whirl in a flamboyant final hurrah.

Winter’s frozen, frigid hush:

Stilled, chilled air crystalizing breath

Fragile, miraculously delicate snowflakes

Decorate dulled discolored landscape

Tentacled fingers of cold

Creep, claw past windows, through clothes,

Nature hibernates

Alive and breathing, omnipresent.

Spring’s pregnant, budding pause:

Earth’s thaw eagerly coaxes growth

Plants shoot tendrils skyward

Leaves unfurl, blossoms awaken

Poised to worship the sun

Bird excitedly warble neighbors,

Issue homecoming greeting pre-dawn.

Silences of home:

Nurturing, creative, rejuvenating

Silences of jail:

Barren, stultifying, numbing


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