Periodically she plumbs the depths of her soul

Tests vessel’s integrity,

Seaworthiness for the rough voyage.

Blanketed with dark of night,

Secreted in invisible bubble

Under flourescent day light,

Spotlit by prying eyes,

She probes edges with her fingertips,

Applies pressure, seeking reassurance

No fractures lurk hidden beneath bruising.

She pushes at the seams

Of scabbed lacerations,

Determined to eradicate infection,

Putrescence potentially grown

In sewage-strewn stagnant harbors.

Battle-worn, sails tattered and torn,

Hull dented not breeched,

Rancid waters neither flooded,

Nor immersed her soul.

Rising and falling with the waves

Raised on the crest of the waning year

Dropped into the trough of a dawning annum

She sails on.


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