Chip and Dale

Spring frolicsom entertainers

Antic in earnest endeavors

Enraptured for countless hours

Frisky flights end feathered tantrums

Alit upon joyful diversion

Emboldened with repetition’s success

Sparrows forayed ever closer

Wild world delightfully encroaching

Forlorn fenced human realm

Engendering cosmic communion

Between human and avian worlds

Seasonal exuberance ebbed

Winged companions’ visits abated

Fond recollections linger

Of Chip and Dale’s

Treasured court yard sojourns


Officially designated

Bureau of Prisons property

She awaits undisclosed transfer

Shipment of self

As selfless package

Timeline and itinerary unannounced

Final destination unknown

She counts down once again

Next leg of horror-movie journey:

Swallowing whole by bureaucracy’s

Steel-toothed gaping maw


Transfer imminent

She contemplates good-byes

Befitting acknowledgments

For incarceration’s family

Relationships with no parallel

Termination waters uncharted.

Absent common ground

Save confinement’s shared misery

Months cohabitated co-existence

Sprinkled with golden compassion

Awareness hides

Wetly behind eyes

Farewells are like final

Time and distance sentence them

To separate forward journeys

Life circumstances predestined

She seeks to honor imprints

Kindnesses carried

Forever in her soul.

Color Games

Errant luminous rays

Penetrate hazy confines

Irradiate leaves’ metamorphosis

Transform lack luster chartreuse

To brilliant gold and lemon zest

Highlighted, treetop coiffure

Habanero-auburn tint

Palette blenches, blending

Under resurgent murk

Early autumnal effulgence

Overcast camoflagued

Sun shines to striking resplendence

Clouds dull in muted contrast

Nature’s artisinal conquest

Anxiety Run Wild

Anxiety’s wildfire

Sparked in barren weeks

Lit in vast uncertainty

Fueled with dried up hope

Flames fanned in winds of chance

Whipped to raging frenzy

In wild speculation

Fed on vacant hours

Blazes to towering inferno

Consuming strategic backfires

Patience and mindfulness set

Firenado’s devastation

Burns in concentrated fury

Royal Kingbird

Visiting royalty

Deigns to pause

Head high, gracious

Expectant of sovereign acknowledgement

Audience insufficiently awed

Haughty, he turns to leave

Twists with midflight flourish

Provides subjects brilliant view

Returns kingly to chosen perch


Strenthening cool-limned breezes

Part humidity’s stifling drapery

Wrest concentration from yoga’s pose

Entice spread-eagled welcoming stance

Coax eager face uplifting

Lure open-palmed appreciative receipt

Plump droplets plummet sluggishly

Sparse globules impact warmly

Spatter refreshing skin

Rain natural reinvigoration