Traumatic Whisk

Traumatized equally by

Accusations present,

Decisions, actions past

Self-definitions uprooted,

Poison ivy flourishing in her soul

Reconciling selfishness, pain created

With heart’s desires:

Conveying happiness, joy, love.

Proverbial mixing of oil and water

Necessitating a metaphorical whisk

The Key

Reclaim her values and right her ship

Steering herself back to center

Reliquishing fantasies of greatness

That could derail her

Humility must guide her

Balance is the key

Request assistance

Accept what is offered

Small Wonders

Sweet clean taste of peppermint

Hard candy disk cheek tucked

Burgundy oak leaves

Veins etched in brown relief

Tumble breeze torn down

Crinkle beneath pacing feet

Rain, shine or gloom

Panoramic views entreat

Visual surround sound

Birds call during overhead pass

Tweeting secrets or heralding change

Crisp air musks of autumn

Clamming, foretells rain

Skin prickles in chilling wind

Warms under afternoon sun

Senses, institutionally blunted

Reawaken with renewed wonder.

Bizarre Universe

Breezy sun-dappled fall afternoon

Nature nourishing her wounded soul

Fingers crochet as

She listens for bird calls

Inattentive to prison surrounds

Nonetheless they infiltrate

Women gab, raucously laugh

Assess camp time as easy

Babel experience unprisonlike

Rather daycare or boarding school

Bewildering in extreme

She attempts decoding, internal

Well rehearsed bravery boosting falsehoods

Versus stark disconcerting proof

Of bizarre alternate universe

Into which she was been dropped

Trembling, breathless, soaked.

Hostile Work Environment

Officer to inmate

Ponders aloud, offhand

Semi conspiratorially

No effort at subtle concealment
“Do you ever just want

To get a semi-automatic

Lines people up and

Start picking them off

One by one?”

Guard acknowledges harboring

Such thoughts today

Inmate audience concurs

Overhearing while she works

She doesn’t break dish-washing stride

Mind blown once again

In hellish living nightmare

That is her incarcerated existence

Twinkle-toe Beacon

Outdoors a relative haven

Fewer roudy voices and prying eyes

Craving solitude

And motion

She trudges as dusk encroaches

Quelled heartache overflows

Saltily scalds eyes

Telltale drops from nose

Despair and panic crest

Swell against the dam

Grief long submerged

Churns amid uncertain future

Finger in retaining wall hole

She struggles to withstand the flood

Killdeer twinkle-toe quick-steps

Ring-necked beacon of hope

Literally crosses her path.


In comprehensible contrasts

Airy wide-open expanses

Gift serene sculptured-cloud view

Overhanging constricted locale

Bird-call, breeze-sung symphony

Harmonious drifting back-drop

Drowns under strident complaints

Curse-laden faux conversation

Shining gold hung sunset

Reflecting upon sky’s circumference

Backlights grey leaden life

Seed Sowing

Half-hearted game of cornhole

Warms bodies on chill autumn morn

Movement and interaction, twin goals

Defeat needless fierce competition

Fluid harmonious flow

Punctuated silly with laughs

Evokes piercing real-life memories

Blindingly slide-show projected

Poignantly painful markers of loss

Haphazard disjointed conversation

Family’s historical style

Sows shriveled seeds of hope

In future’s possibilities.

Word Smithing

Crash words into uninvited consciousness

Careen noisily throughout cognizance

Frolic boisterously, captivating awareness

Gamol rabbit-like, reproducing

Raucously demand creative release

Clamor, insistent on inventive expression