A Poet Flowers

Notions float on the wind

Drift unscented to fallow ground

Land among thoughts’ detritus

Barred with thorns

Litter-strewn and over grown

Some seeds carelessly trampled

Under routines’ mindless plodding

Others fall darkly dormant

Between hidden crevices


Prickly-hulled kernels find purchase

In rocky inhospitable terrain

Worm deeply determined

To rich loam far below

Deposited grains in fertile soil

Well mulched in years before


Nutrients of chance conversation

Germinate hidden cold seeds

Coax tentative sprouting tentrils

Morph to strengthening shoots

Push word by excavated word

Through cognition-clogging dirt


Trickles of literary influence

Sprinkle upon fledgling ideas

Bathe themes in leafing nourishment

Bespatter details and nuance

As central supporting stalk

Breaks writing-blocked ground


Rays of creative inspiration

Pierce mental clouds of disuse

Warm incubating phrases

Under brightly heated focus

Add color, height and dimension

Cajole into burgeoning growth


Neck-breaking repetitive toil

Tills word-garden repeatedly

Weeds daily with paper and ink

Nurtures thoughts lyric, coherent

Waters phrases picturesque

Until poet’s labor flowers

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