Plagiarizing Dr. Suess

Old and young and in-between

Short and tall, wide and lean

Kind and quiet or loud and mean

From skittish mice to drama queens

Women in prison are waiting

Waiting for their time to go

Or mail to come

Or news to show

Waiting in line for meals to eat

Pills to take, a toilet seat

Waiting, erect, for daily count

Ensuring they aren’t waited out

Waiting, prone, for night to fall

For day to break on cindered wall

Waiting to launder uniforms

Worn daily, to repent, reform

Waiting to learn when they will leave

Next stop on their journey, with fear or relief

Waiting to start real life again

Uncertain how or where or when

Waiting for the world to see

Inmates—human—as you or me

Waiting for a second chance

Denied without a backward glance

Waiting to go home sweet home

No idea where that may be

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