Betwist and Between

She is not of the world she walks in

Drug talk, “bad girls”

Street fight aggression

Contentious swagger meets

Wheeling and dealing

Work for many a 4-letter word

“Bitch” this, “fuck“ that

Poisons shouts, jokes and general comments

Dawn to dusk and beyond


Nor is she in the world she is of

Obligations hectically juggled

Asperations lofty and mundane

Seasoned bread of daily routine

Family precariously snuggled

Focal point of striving and strife

Duty and accompishment driven

Friendships nurtured, held dear


Day after day she awakens

Still trapped surreal

In this bizarre alternate world

Focused, intent on survival

Return to the place she belongs

Ruby red slippers defunct


Fail, heel-clicked

To transport her home


She carries invisible burden

Grand Canyon-esque

Disconnect from both worlds

Undesirous of assimilating to current

Fitting square peg into round felon hole

Fearful her previous world

Shifted and morphed in her absence

Will no longer claim her or fit


Every moment and each painful step

Taken toward that ultimate goal

Reintegration into her real world

Crunch upon prickly pebbles of worry

Wormed inside shoes, gouging feet

Never again will her world

Fully embrace her

Gift the belonging

Her heart longs, aching, for

Perhaps, in truth

It never did


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