With deep breaths she attempts

To release

Steel wool snarls of

Tightly knotted composure

Relax, if just a split-second

Into starkness of her own truth

Unstrung, her heart heavily crumbles

Falls leaden into her gut

As lovingly crafted

Poorly formed cookies

Drop in sweet shambles

To baker’s chagrin.

Terrified witness to

Her hearts demolition

Or was it instead

Brittle protective shell?

Season change

Winter, wind-borne, advances

Laps cold against exposed cheek

Enticing skin, licks treachery

Fantasized long-lost kiss

Haughtily bestowed by angry ex-lover

Hints of danger dismissed

Prolonged contact’s seduction disdained

Barefaced, she faces grey chilling

Stem of flowered reminder

Fuscia born of December sun

Plods onward through mist-speckled air

Snow Tales

Stairwell snowdrifts

Tell their tales:

Aged building construction

Flirting with decrepitude

Accumulates corrugated-wall piles

Powdery fluff pyramids

Wind gust deposited

Line ascending trek

Doorway drift tread marked

Footprint evidence imprint

Track smokers’ steadfast ventures

Into the wind, puffing

To feed their habit

Wintry Surprise

Today a woodpecker surprised her

Rat-tat-tat-tatting above her head.

She ventured, sneakered

Cross snowdrifts

To stand under a tree.

Soul starved for nature’s commune

Amongst, perhaps, avian companions.

Cardinal peeks brilliant scarlet

Between stark brown branches.

Silently soaking golden rays

Seeds cupped in palm outstretched

Spirits lighten with glittery


Reflecting afternoon sun.

In quiet pecking

Gently beckons

Lifts curious wondering eyes

Black and white flurried movement

Catches casted glance

Upside down and sideways

He flutters branch to branch

Beauty in flustered determination

Rank denoted by rubied crown.

Her lips curve in pure delights

At the unexpected sight


In the stillness of

The snow drenched world

Whitening hush reigns

With care and reverent awe

Sneakered feet gingerly step

Through deep drifted ledges

Seeking oasis of bare-limbed tree

Harboring hardy feathered friends

“Cheep” descends from on high

Simple and heart-piercing greeting

Chapped hand cautiously outstretched

Open offering of sunflower seed

Frigid wind ripples palm edges

Tilts paltry kernel pile

“Cheep” returns, lowering, nearer

Contemplating proffered snack

Multiple “cheeps” betray

Lingering consideration

In caution, seeds are va-taken

Fingers numbing

She ground scatters seed

Retreats with loving upward glance

Gifting and gifted, both.

Snow Portrait

Storm’s swirling eddies

Spin snow mist-dancing

Sprinkle miniscule flakes

Kiss on reverent upturned face

Blowing hair, defiantly bared

Collects twinkling crystal gems

White-blanketed world

Quiet in snow-muted hush

Lies distantly veiled

Birds dart black tangents

Startling feathered contrast

Against windswept backdrop

January’s signature masterpiece

Snow Blessed

Sneakered feet squeak-crunch

Upon powdered snow-lined track

Cover glitters, sand granule sparkly

In watery sun’s passing glance

Incipient moisture hovers

Gently coats edges of breath

Full moon mistily shrouded

Early riser, vigilant sentinel

Bestows benevolent blessing

On season’s belated first snow