Not of It

In prison

Yet not of it

She sits perpetually apart

Greets with polite nods or smiles

Speaks now and then

In answer to questions

Comments on general topics

Feels the communal

Abject misery

Invisible (fire-breathing) monster

Inhaled them one and all


Born in pulsating fear

Bread on innate curiosity

Observations surface

Bubble above frothing foam

Social strata reconfigured


Streetwise hustlers hustle

Sell contraband of every ilk

Scratch, sneak and claw

To make each illicit buck

Squandered freely on their vices

Openly peddled cheese cake

Whispering staircase-sold

Cigarette, pills or more

Perpetuating and mutating

Not changing comfort-worn clothes

Same roles, differing venues


Religious contingent

Seeks refuge in Bible and prayer

Finds solace among

God-littered platitudes

Reason exists in suffering

Burdens doled out only

To those whose strength

Can bear up under weight

Distribute Biblical verses

Prayer pushers extraordinaire


Fitting amongst neither group

Her aloneness reverberates

Plaintive bleating from her soul

Imprisonment forever separates

Her from the real world

Piercing loneliness now

Threatens forever to follow

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