In the stillness of

The snow drenched world

Whitening hush reigns

With care and reverent awe

Sneakered feet gingerly step

Through deep drifted ledges

Seeking oasis of bare-limbed tree

Harboring hardy feathered friends

“Cheep” descends from on high

Simple and heart-piercing greeting

Chapped hand cautiously outstretched

Open offering of sunflower seed

Frigid wind ripples palm edges

Tilts paltry kernel pile

“Cheep” returns, lowering, nearer

Contemplating proffered snack

Multiple “cheeps” betray

Lingering consideration

In caution, seeds are va-taken

Fingers numbing

She ground scatters seed

Retreats with loving upward glance

Gifting and gifted, both.

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