A crumb of hope

Was given her

This January bleak

Pass it on

The sender said

If more is what you seek

In sharing hope

It multiplies

From under rocks it peeks

Chasing doom

And gloom away

Diaphanous rays unique

Held too tight

With grasping clasp

Hope’s magic would be weak.

Her fearful heart

Unclenches slow

By inches o’er the week

She gathers crumbs

From underfoot

Of Hope commits to speak


Not of It

In prison

Yet not of it

She sits perpetually apart

Greets with polite nods or smiles

Speaks now and then

In answer to questions

Comments on general topics

Feels the communal

Abject misery

Invisible (fire-breathing) monster

Inhaled them one and all


Born in pulsating fear

Bread on innate curiosity

Observations surface

Bubble above frothing foam

Social strata reconfigured


Streetwise hustlers hustle

Sell contraband of every ilk

Scratch, sneak and claw

To make each illicit buck

Squandered freely on their vices

Openly peddled cheese cake

Whispering staircase-sold

Cigarette, pills or more

Perpetuating and mutating

Not changing comfort-worn clothes

Same roles, differing venues


Religious contingent

Seeks refuge in Bible and prayer

Finds solace among

God-littered platitudes

Reason exists in suffering

Burdens doled out only

To those whose strength

Can bear up under weight

Distribute Biblical verses

Prayer pushers extraordinaire


Fitting amongst neither group

Her aloneness reverberates

Plaintive bleating from her soul

Imprisonment forever separates

Her from the real world

Piercing loneliness now

Threatens forever to follow

New Year’s Lift

Head bowed

In protection

Against cold-whipping wind

Sheltering vulnerable neck

In shadow of stubborn-clenched jaw


Eyes downcast

In shame

Burning with humiliation

Leadened with missteps

Avoidant of public judgement

Dogging every movement



In trepidation

Dodging dangers present and future

Watching each footfall

Toward potential preservation

Of aching body

Tortured and and frazzled soul

With fear and determination

Blended in virulent war

She pulls jacket collar higher

Sucks in a wavering breath

Raises head in millimeters

Lifts eyes along with chin

Faces world anew


Blistered toed and aching arches

Nevertheless pace round and round

Trudge toward reduced aggravation

Outside of endless sound contentious

Hustled, with aim endorphins raising

Buy dismal environs perilously downed

Insistent, maintaining body’s wholeness

Head, to shoulders, firmly re-bound

Distracted by inner tumult, defiant

Not in sorrow will she be drowned

Sunstruck, moonstruck by turns

Adoring nature’s wonder in open surround

Slower face up, breathing deep

Hopeful center will be found

1000 Daily Servings of Bigotry

Bigotry of every flavor

Daily bread of conversation

Served in anger-craving abandon

Never satiating hurt’s hunger

Rancid racial epithets

Jokes, E-coli sexist-laced with

Maggots of homophobic contempt squirming

Hate’s botulism proliferates

Guts roil in disgust

While brain silently echoes

Flesh-eating bacterial refrain

No finger down the throat

Will purge system

Of this putrid dietary staple.

Artistic Winds

Arctic winds blow artistic:

Swirl settling snowfall

Funneling flakes in bursts

Furious tornadic white outs.

Smoothly sculpt landscape

Mimicking oceanic creations

Rippled patterns etched

Evoke powdered sand images

Frozen in wave like ridges

Smooth unblemished

Crafted by receding tide

Bathed in pre-dawn hazy glow.


Bitter cold and blustery wind

Are braved

Minus gloves with reddened cheeks

Sweeping bursts of frigid air

Steal breath

Plaster hair to dripping nose

Wintry blast of arctic air

Does not walking deter

In gusts, perhaps

The wind will scour away

Bitterness crusting deep within