Hope’s Carrot

Hope is dangled

The proverbial carrot

Perpetually out of reach

A date of impending change

A great and trembling unknown


Transition, merciless, looms

Movement incremental, toward freedom

Anxious baby toddles

Tiptoed trepidation

Taken with bated breath


Step by perilous step

Through crossed-out calendar days

She wobbles

Teetering on the brink

Precipice of yawning despair


Whipped-cold by winds of fear

She stumbles on unknown’s debris

Trips over doubt-strewn trail

Hears in February’s intrepid sun

The call to clamber on


Frigid solitary uphill climb

Fraught with terrors old and new

Tests limits of her endurance

Blow spirit’s flame

To feebly flickering ember


Hope’s whisper lights upon her

Sparks ember, blows to flame

Spurs lift to leaden limbs

Tantalizes with silken promise

Tortuous trek will one day end

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