The Helper

The helper in her

Core piece of identity

Bludgeoned till bloody and battered

Fearful cringing wraith

Awakened and lifts her head

At call of another’s sorrow

Two roommates in heartache so different

Succumb to heart-rending tears

Falling in powerless pain

Twice she reached out

An ear, her time, an offer:

Come walk with me and talk

She listens and truly hears

Wounds to their disparate hearts

Quietly offers hope, validates exasperation

Each in their divergent paths

Takes some, eschews remainder

Reacts, and acts, impulsive

In ways she would not advise

With sadness she acknowledges

Despite choices self-destructive

Perhaps her proffered ear

Served yet in helpful ways

Encourages wounded helper

Not to retreat, despair

Separately heal herself

And live to try again.

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