Deciphering the Prison Lexicon

“That fuckin’ motherfucker fuckin’ fucked me’ll up!”

Circle the response below that is the closest interpretation of this idiomoatic expression

  1. An individual, heretofore unknown, was ahead of me in line and received the last delicacy, which I had been craving.
  2. My business associate, with whom I engage in ongoing illicit enterprises, did not uphold her end of our agreement. I am disconcerted, though I have engaged in the same behavior. There is, in truth, no honor among thieves.
  3. An unexpected slip of the tongue resulted in a hilarious double entendre and side-splitting laughter
  4. My soulmate made love to me with earth-shattering spiritual intensity, culminating in toe-curling, multiple orgasmic ecstasy.
  5. My dear friend betrayed my trust by publicly divulging intimate personal information which I had conveyed in strictest confidence.
  6. While participating in nefarious underworld activities, an unsuspecting authority figure nonchalantly wandered past, nearly stumbling upon my secreted cache.
  7. I overheard a grisly tale of horrendous abuse, which was relayed with shockingly inappropriate humor and lack of consternation.
  8. A generally shy and retiring cohort made an out of character risque comment.
  9. The contraband mind altering substance, which I willingly consumed, had psychoactive effects beyond those which I sought and expected.

Correct answer: Any of the above. This idiomatic expression must be interpreted with heavy reliance upon non-verbal cues, including, but not limited to, tone of voice and body language, as well as contextual placement. Speakers who rely heavily on use of such idioms may well convey all of the above experiences with this solitary expression.

*Note the unique linguistic use of a single word to function as noun, verb, adjective and adverb.

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