Finishing Laps

Hesitant watery rays

Shift silvery to translucent

Crack open lowering gloom

Fall earthward in wavering shower


Faded cornflower blue breeze

Riffles tepid air’s edges

Kildeer freeze on approach

Pause peck-bobbing progress

Gravel-stood stillness elicits

Brilliant camouflage


Adventurous wandering doe

Heeding change’s inexorable call

Ventures far afield

In spring scented leaps and bounds

Spots track-rounding repetition

Flees with white-tailed exuberance


Rolling bluegrass hills

Horse speckled,

Grey-green in residual winter

Rimmed with trees, bare-limbed

Bearing silent witness

Mark circuitous trek


Oak leaves

Time and life tattered

Skitter and tumble aground

Bidding silent adieu

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