Taster’s Paradox

Devoid of flavor, substance

Teeth-achingly sweet

Assurances of future success

Sugar frosted pain denials

Provide no sustenance

Catastrophically dysregulate

Trigger depressive

Shockwaves on wake pf

Glycemic system crash


Inedibly blackened

Bitter rotten predictions

Gag-inducingly spoiled

Unswallowably toxic

Prognostications of perpetual

Stormy doom and gloom

Singe and curl the tongue

Starve cells and organs

Prompt systemic decay


Tastefully blended mix

Palatably bitter sweet

Acknowledgment of grainy lumps

Awaiting cringing consumption

Tough repetitive grinding chews

Seasoned with heaping spoonfuls of

Savory cautious hope,

Spicy determination

Dressed in loving drizzle

Quiet strong encouragment

Chased with steadfast belief


Replenishes depleted body

Quenches thirsty soul


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