Let’s Do the Mind Warp Again

Clink of keys in her pocket

Not just jangling on officers’ belts

Walk across a parking lot

Unaccompanied to a highway reststop

Innocuously into a store

Wild blue burst of berry

Icy mint chill biting

Through crunch gumshell

Squirrels scampering, rustling leaves

Scramble headlong over fences

Impossibly headfirst, down walls

Turtles pond long displayed

Re-painting themselves in the sun

Daffodils, golden, thrust springly

Trumpet end to winter’s cold seige

City sparrows chirp

As they gather, flock, scatter

Compete for airtime among

Traffic’s hum and squeal

Bragadocious smoke-scented banter

Testosterone car-stereo thumping

Phone calls uncensored, in private

Text sent in real time, thumbs click-clocking

Unbelievable in their mundaneness

Mind bending familiarity

How easily she could slip

Right back in, unnoticed

The world, to all her senses


The same as it always was

Time contracts, shape-shifting

An eternity of pain and loss

Evaporates, invisible

Scares, deeply etched

Changed her world forever



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