Loquacious Eyes


Soul-baring windows

Scream silent soliloquies.

Downcast, avoidant

Mumble mortification;

Brimful, beseeching

Sob forgiveness’ requests;

Blurred, bewildered

Ramble unfocused, lost;

Pinpoint, skittish

Stutter petrified

Glazed, agonized

Beg pain’s release;

Blazing in fury

Demand recompense

Twinkle, mischievous

Bubble over with joy

Glow warming

Whisper love’s gentleness

Clear and direct

Calm comfort provide.

Mesmerizing monologues

Captivate audiences

Eloquently narrate

Life’s travels and travails


O’er months of harrowing dejection

At war eternal with burning shame

She could not meet her eyes’ reflection

Fearful to encounter souls horrific maim

Window shattered, past correction

Grevious errors are to blame

Battered by repeated harsh rejection

Cracked in character’s defame.

Assuredly no paragon of perfection

Never has she made that claim

Dare she now to raise objection

Explain perspective, actions reframe?

Between the dots provide connection?

Attempt unbesmirching of her name?

Cowed, she follows power’s direction

Plays role as pawn in twisted game

Spirit slowly rebounds in insurrection

Eyes, tentative lift to mirror of the same

Witness to soul’s tortuous resurrection

Her essential kindness undoused, a flickering flame.

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