Living in the Nexi

Running on fumes

Stuck in traffic

At a crossroads

Passages behind her

Well traversed successful highway

Orange barrel barricaded

Wrong turn down dark blind alley

Re-materializes, shadowy mirage

Around blind curves and sharp corners

Path ahead obscured

Thoroughfare obstructed

Forward progress hazard-impeded

Seat belt fastened, hands at 10 and 12

She eases into intersection


Highly educated woman

Devoted suburban “soccer mom”

Enamored of productivity

Good deeds, creative pursuits

Lands, alone and vulnerable

Amid hardened criminals

Gun toting drug dealing men

Awash in loud profanity

Draped in lingering suffocating smoke

Cultural disconnect glaring

Universal pain overarching

Merging in present nexus

Despair meets fledgling hope

She sits in the milieu


Well-spoken confident professional

Accomplished in helper’s role

Ricocheted from full speed collision

With runaway untended needs

Overturned, upended

Crash landed

As unemployed felon

Societal bane, object of

Repeated derisive rejection

Stalled at road fork of

Perpetual shame and

Justifiable pride

She cautiously turns

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