Sensing a Future

In moments now

From eyes’ corners she catches

Glimpses of her old self

Dare she think

Her real self:

Self-assured in knowledge

Possessed, utilized and bestowed

Delivered in assistance

Of hurt or needful souls.

In fleeting seconds

She feels it:

Shoulders straighten naturally

Stride announces confidence

Smile in the mirror

Flashes, unforced with eye twinkle

In consideration of the prospect

She still may offer

Joy to the world

In place of hurt and pain.

Here and there a note

Silvery light playfulness

Tinkles in her voice

A strengthening tone

Sounds of steely determination

In opinion and direction.

A passing breeze carried

Sweet magenta promises

Whisper futures scented pink

Wafting across space and time

Salted turquoise ocean clear

Sniffs hints of peace-in-waiting.

Bursts of berry blue

Squirt healing energy

Zinging full upon her tongue

Sharp mint bite

Refreshes exhausted spirit

Tastes of reinvigorated life.


Selling Self to Self

To outer appearances

She is calm and centered

Speaks candidly, with poise

To incarceration’s lessons

Enhanced patience learned

Clarity of perspective earned.

Carefully drafted responses

Genuine re-focus

Articulated and delivered

In quiet confidence.

Message employer aimed

Falls upon her own ears

Drapes clinging tendrils of hope

Upon fragmented soul.

Sunday Morning Serenade

Mournful saxophone notes

Float bronzed and smoky

Above the well-trafficked street

Dripping hints of storm and sunlight

Amongst street hustling bravado

Thick liquid music coating

Over night’s gunshot popping residue

Angst drifts heavenward

Borne on the breath of agonized souls.

Den Mothering

Living in a wolf pack

Protecting vulnerable flanks

Cautious and watchful


Nurturing instincts rear their head

She assists and teaches

Types for fumble-fingered student

Threads a drawstring

Washing-escaped from sweats

Demonstrates coffee making

To skill-deficient caffeine hound

Reminds of learning

When next craving hits

Spreads computer knowledge

Furthering job-seeking success

Teaches rudimentary math

To testing applicant.

Societally labeled harmer

Consigned to devils’ den

She mothers on.


Type, edit, revise

Slant focus to meet

Requirements, expectations

Redefine skills

Chisel universal elements

Embedded within

Specific career path

By conviction barred


Orange jumpsuit gone

Numbered scrubs behind her

She dresses for imagined success

In clothes of her former life

Walks with purpose

Cloud obscured yet remembered

Irons away storage’s wrinkles

Equally frantic doubts

Voice quavering despair

Moves, speaks with confidence

Once her stock in trade

Selling, with authority

Her reinvented self

(Don’t) Hire Me, I’m a Felon

Poised, experienced, professional

Successful manager

Proficient problem-solver

Effectively articulate

Coolly sells self


Skills a bargain

At many prices

Sought-after employee


…Until the dreaded box

Repository of all-encompassing condemnation

Eyes avert

Revulsion colors voice

Offer retracted

Opportunity denied

Judgment bars meaningful employment

In perpetuity

Evening Storm

Leaden skies sob in my stead

Hurls in staccato drops

My raging impotent pain

Pound with agonizing angst

Under dark storm clouds of regret

Insistent drumbeats

Underscore my misery

Torrents of unshed tears

Pour in rhythmic rivulets

Down the window pane.