Sensing a Future

In moments now

From eyes’ corners she catches

Glimpses of her old self

Dare she think

Her real self:

Self-assured in knowledge

Possessed, utilized and bestowed

Delivered in assistance

Of hurt or needful souls.

In fleeting seconds

She feels it:

Shoulders straighten naturally

Stride announces confidence

Smile in the mirror

Flashes, unforced with eye twinkle

In consideration of the prospect

She still may offer

Joy to the world

In place of hurt and pain.

Here and there a note

Silvery light playfulness

Tinkles in her voice

A strengthening tone

Sounds of steely determination

In opinion and direction.

A passing breeze carried

Sweet magenta promises

Whisper futures scented pink

Wafting across space and time

Salted turquoise ocean clear

Sniffs hints of peace-in-waiting.

Bursts of berry blue

Squirt healing energy

Zinging full upon her tongue

Sharp mint bite

Refreshes exhausted spirit

Tastes of reinvigorated life.


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