Prison ABC’s

Atmospheric atomized arsenic arcs

Belligerently bombarding “bitches”

Caustic cognitive creations

Demolish decorum and dignity

Effervescent, ecstatic evil

Fomenting frightful fury

Gargantuan gang of gnats

Heroicly hellbent on hopeless hedonism

Ironically isolated in ignorance

Joined in juvenile joyless joviality

Kenetically killing kindness

Laughably labeled “ladies”

Malodorous malevalent mothers

Narcotic nodding nuances

Onerous offensive obstacles

Pretending pervasive penitence

Quicksand of questionable queens

Reign of riotous reprobates

Swaggering smut swilling swarms

Tenacious tentacled tantrums

Undertaking unctious underhandedness

Vicious vying for victimhood

Wanton waspish wallowing

Xeroxed xenophobes

Yearning for yoga, yin-yang

Zeroing in on a zen zenith

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