Her life spilled open

Gushed through

Flimsy and fractured

Dam of delusion


Tirading torrents

Swept away

All of comfort

Life familiar



Now receded

Sludgy stinking

Residue remains


Hidden trickles

Of former existence

Whisper tauntingly

In her dreams


Sweet clean waters

Of connection, love and

Meaning elude

Outstretched, grasping hands

2 thoughts on “Floodgates

  1. I snuck here today to see if you had posted recently and re-read this.

    It’s heartbreaking AF.

    I didn’t see that before. That’s what I love about your poetry – so many layers to see and unravel and, if one is not in a spot to see something one day, they won’t; and that’s not to say there isn’t always something to see and gain from your words every time.

    You better keep this shit up – you know how good I am at stalking (thank my news career, it doesn’t come naturally…). I will find you. And I WILL force you to post more.


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