Winged Touchstones

Beyond the cell block

Frigid barren cinderblock

Clanging metal monstrosities

That threaten her hold on life

Flit feathered swaths of color

Glimpsed bursts of joy

Pulsing wingbeats that ground


Beneath the crosshatched cage

Stark steel-roofed pen

Orange clad clouded souls

Stretch concrete prone

Absorbing precious rays

Steal brazen avian visitors

Pecking away at despair


Between the floating clouds

Rec yard shifting slideshow

Wing shifting shadows

Promises of vitality

Waft disembodied chirps

Unencumbered song

Whisper tweets for peace


Alongside the gravel track

(In open air of faux freedom)

Feathered friends accompany

Her solitary circular trek

Skittishly silent witnesses

Or raucous commentators

On her tear-stained miles


Within the fenced confines

Skunk-smoke drenched environs

Where pounding figure eights

Beat away re-entry’s terror

‘Hood’s impervious denizens

Flock unfettered to join her

In the ghetto frat house yard


Among the multitudinous trees

Populating nunnery’s grounds

Lonely driven rambles

In search of rejuvenation

Discover her everpresent companions

Surreptitious or broadcast

Winged touchstones of hope


One thought on “Winged Touchstones

  1. I really like this one. Fluid, yet divided and progressive.

    I especially like,
    “…brazen avian visitors
    Pecking away at dispair.”



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