Masquerade Ball

She walks among them

Middle class and mannered

Poised, articulate

Treading self-assured

Through mind-numbing days


Dresses as if

She holds place and purpose


Strides as if

She retains value

Felonious, among the good


Interacts as if

Her heart and mind

Hold currency against

Interminable judgments


Speaks as if

MLK’s dream, realized

Allows character’s years

To outweigh

Moments’ mistakes


Dreams as if

Her future,

Not pre-destined

As squalid squashed

Ignored cow-patty,

Holds potential promise


Hopes as if

All future prospects

Float universal,

Independent of hell’s

Fed-writ damnation,

Soar blasphemous heavenward



Day by day

She materializes

Cinderalla with pumpkin coach

In full costume



Waiting to dance

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