There is Crying in Yoga

There is no Can’t

Says Yoda, and the finely-toned

Instructor of yoga

Cajoling a headstand attempt

From sore and exhausted student

Seeking strength and peace

In rivers of sweat

Flooding droughted plains

Of determined exertion.


Quivering muscles,

Quaking upside down heart

Find drops of healing salve

In steadying touch of

Insistent teacher.

Ludicrous posture demands

Test limits, push endurance

Dissolve tension to

Puddled laughter.


Collapsed dripping

Onto welcoming mat

Satisfied with maximal

Effort expended.

Sing-along serenades

Departing community member.

She sings past choking

Knot of loosed grief

Tears sweat-mingling.


Conventional wisdom says

There is no crying in baseball

Stern CO’s dictated

“No crying in jail”

There are, evidently

Rivers of unshed tears

Running down her face

Released in the safety

Of yoga’s communion.


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