Life Moments

In moments she lives life

Normally, as if

In today’s vernacular

Normal was a thing


She drives to work

Lead-footed as always

Focused on tasks up-coming

Until she remembers

A speeding ticket

Could violate her probation

Prompt prison’s return


She speaks her mind

With authority

Borne of decades’ experience

Hard won knowledge and education

Forgetting the felony

That stripped her of all

Authority, dignity, voice


She laughs, spontaneously

Struck by incident or comment

Hilarious, incongruous or ironic

That tickles her

Sensibilities, funny bone

Oblivious to the wreckage

Of the life which she inhabits


She dances

Twirled and spun

By the glorious updraft

Of a song, bird or human

Or blessing of the sun

Insensible to her unending

Incomprehensible grief


She lives

Moment by moment

Day by day

In a life bereft

Of all she would formerly

Have deemed crucial

To survive and thrive


And moment by moment

Surprising herself

With innate tenacity

She lives







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