Back in the real world


She looks, walks and talks the part

Suburban professional

Soccer mom

(Minus the soccer playing children, now grown)

She knows this world

Can speak it’s language

Follow it’s unspoken rules


Yet surrealities abound


She was dragged

At gunpoint

Chained and shackled

Into hell (*prison)

Left to languish in

Fetid anguish

Befitting the evil


She walked from the gates

Shoulders squared

To catcalls of “hey Shawty”

From cell windows

Forever scarred

AND strong, resilient

As never before


She used her “mom voice”

With gang banging drug dealers

Sunday morning in the

Halfway house dining room

Hands akimbo

Asserting her rights

In a right-less world


She strode to the podium

Spoke her public shame

While advocating

For openness

In doors and minds

For herself, unemployed

And countless compatriots


She walked the tightrope

Of abject gratitude

At opportunity offered

With resurrected saleswomanship

Articulating strengths

Owning existent skills

Surviving incarceration


She proves herself

In early morning promptness

Dedicated attentiveness

Creative self-directedness

The wearing of multiple

Unlabeled hats

As she walks a mile


In these ill-fitting new shoes

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