The Truth of Her Soul

For months, she was afraid

to meet her own eyes

in the dulled sheet metal

impersonating a mirror

coldly mocking her celled life.


Cowed by system-atic bullying

indoctrinating her with propaganda,

current abode circularly proving

her inherent depravity,

she shied from reflection

petrified of glimpsing

the Monster within.


Initial apprehensive glimpses

(sidelong and fleeting)

into teary hazel orbs

exposed shame, hurt and fear

overwhelming fledgling


Stunningly absent

any demonic red flash.


With time and trepidation

she engages timid gaze

researching, investigating

plumbing depths of soul.


Persevering in her quest

layers are stripped bare

the familiar divulged:

warmth and compassion

(flawed and self-doubting)

not hate or iniquity

light from within.


Those who bought the bill of goods

“justice”-sold and propagated

of her heinous aberrance

will not now meet her eyes


Hesitant, perhaps

to learn they were misled

mistaken, misguided


the truth of her soul.


2 thoughts on “The Truth of Her Soul

  1. Thanks for liking my post. Nice work you do. I have always loved working with words. The English language is wonderful in how you can use it to say what you mean.


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