she analyzes

these denizens of creative space

who people her vacant hours

(at least she assumes they are people-

not Trussian bots;

after all, all she has left to steal

is her mind)

creates character sketches

patchworked pieced

of observations

hypotheses, conjectures

phantasmagoric mental meanderings

she deciphers their


and animates

there is the disciplined


whose dual diurnal

posts remind her

time for work is nigh

there are the tenacious


who hemorrhage heart

ooze angst and agony

via soul-borne

stanza and word

there are the methodical


students of natural life

chroniclers with creative

bent of mind

turn of phrase

there are the principled


who raise pen

(click-tapping fingertips)

highlight suffering

self, individual or

regime inflicted

there is the enigmatic


(she labels, admiring)

blood-nibbed calligrapher-

cum-performance artist

whose sourcing baffles

fact or fantasy?

her fabricated


morphs and coalesces


Wonderland world

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