Swordplay with a Side of Patriarchy

my vagina

was minding its own business

demure, close-lipped

modestly veiled

refrained from spewing

Feminazi rants


when it was given a directive

(couched as advice


by a system-anointed penis

(hereinafter referred to as penis #1)

threatened by numbers

purportedly inflated

authoritatively proclaimed

by a self-anointed penis

(hereinafter referred to as penis #2)


penis #1 is a jailer

(not my jailer,

but a jailer nonetheless)


con-institutionally invested

in his corrupted version

of reality


penis #2 is my boss

(top boss, company owner boss)

source of financial solvency

prone to demi-grandiosity

bestower of a project

worthy of my talents

engaging intellect and passion

while boosting his status

on the back of my

inspired labor


penis #1 holds a key

to implementation

of said endeavor

locked in

blinded to reality

in perpetuity


in that

never admitting fear way

penis #2 may broadcast

his question-raising

numbers publicly


a sticky wicket



the obvious solution

to a penis square off:

give the vagina

(any vagina in range will do)

none of the power

all of the responsibility


I’ve seen

this movie before.

The ending is predictable.


Where’s the remote?

Oh, of course…..






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