Clean Up on Aisle 6

I grocery shop

Friday nights after work

from habit

rather than necessity

in the full days

demands of kids’ schedules

house, garden and partner

episodic social life

weekly menu

planned and posted

efficient and organized

chore checked off

as weekend begins

tonight my list

is sparse


endeavor a farce

it’s allergy season

vigorous nose-blow


upstart tears

I summon the smile

chat with the cashier

repay Trader Joe’s

perpetual friendliness

in kind

small-talk, check

gracious smile

he encourages me

to pick out

a fresh bouquet

on him

Do my eyes

scream wounded doe?


9 thoughts on “Clean Up on Aisle 6

  1. Only when you can have time for yourself (some me-time!), will everything start to unravel, all those feelings you’d brushed aside, and overlooked, all come flooding back up to the surfaces, and you’re forced, to deal with them one by one…


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