Ode to Poetics

inchoate community

scrapes a foothold

in consciousness

amorphously distinctive


who listen and respond

they can’t place

the staccato

of her hurried footfall

but begin to recognize

the thunder


measured words

they can’t trace

the jaw-jut

of grim determination

but start to see

firm sketching

o’er chalked outlines

they can’t track

the timber of her voice

pick it from the masses

but catch the strains

of love and loss

or laughing in fate’s face

as she drags

herself upright

they can’t anticipate

the upper octaves

of an impending

stifled shriek

but spot and chorus

outraged indignation

they don’t hear

the trembly quaver

of heartaches’

plaintive pleadings

but witness

the scratchy whisper

coarse suturing

of her soul


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