Faces, Decontextualized


faces from the past

(when she was a whole person,

not this brightly colored

amiable hologram)

stumble upon


hidden in plain sight

inadvertently blasting


in her composure


she swallows the panic

imagined awkwarding

shrugs imperceptibly

shouldering back

shifting ever-present

cloak of shame


brightly, uncued

“how may I help you?”


astute, registers

lack of recognition


in dementia clouded eyes

a faint flicker

can’t see past

the internal cumulus

to place her

momentary relief

hastily chased

by crushing sorrow

and humble gratitude


her fate, at least

has reversibility


clear-eyed interloper

assumes any

twinge of familiarity

setting abides


she is practiced at this

pretending she wasn’t

witness to

someone’s darkest hours


superficiality managed

she sighs relief

gratified to note

evident functionality

vestiges of her efforts


5 thoughts on “Faces, Decontextualized

  1. Haunting, how two lives collide within the same person. One thing doesn’t make you different, necessarily, so why do people act like it does?

    Liked by 1 person

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