Dreamt Invitation

Let’s meet for coffee, shall we?


I’ll be the one sipping

a blended oxymoron

of weary resignation

with drizzled half-skim

avid advocacy

sugar sprinkled

of frothy futile hopes


You’ll know me by the tilt

of my eloquent anguish

and the haunting lilt

in my punned gibberish


I’ll know you by the volumes

you carry in your eyes

dust-jacketed to cherish

shiny with repeated caressings


We’ll talk about the weather

in the dissection of a cloud

we’ll unveil a thousand

Pharaohed secrets

of wealth and majesty


Let’s meet in the park and walk.


I’ll be the wilted

hot-house orchid

hybrid hearty with saguaro

stubbornly standing tall


You’ll know me by

my fuschiaed veil

of sinuous chagrin

hidden amongst

my tresses nonchalant


I’ll know you by the myriad

hearts you swaddle in your ears

birthing and re-birthing

with every tortured listen

to convoluted tales


We can analyze a movie

neither one of us has seen

in the sham review

we reverently screen

Amazonian peace and durability


Let’s meet and drink a toast


We’ll savor a buttered melon sip

to all the yous I am.


We’ll relish a foamy-headed swallow

of all the mes you’ll be.


We’ll revel in a stiff spirited swig

to all the us-es no one

will ever ever see.



(photo: mine)


41 thoughts on “Dreamt Invitation

      1. They certainly are. And work parking lots, too.
        I used to speak into a digital recorder every morning on the way to work, and transcribe what I said. I did this over a hundred times. I had to stop after I realized I can’t have new ideas when I take the same way to work every day.

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      2. I’ve been there 11 years. There are no more alternate routes. I just have to look to other things for inspiration, things that change all the time, or demons that haunt me all the time in new and interesting ways

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The universe loves me. Besides, the other demons are afraid of that one big demon anyway. And as a recent poem I wrote says, I have a demon on each shoulder, who are mostly silent.

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      4. No. And demons and angels are the same thing, really. It’s humans who come along and mess everything up. We usually have everything we need to get things done, and the universe wants us (or me, at least) to be happy, but I keep just sort of… not doing the things.

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      5. More durable… I can accept that. I can accept cleverest, I just won’t, lol.

        But, speaking of mirror mirror on the wall…

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