30 thoughts on “Evensong

  1. It’s been rainy and cloudy and moody here too, with a gloriously eerie calm all the while, even during the rain’s more furious moments, which I love.
    This was great timing to read your wonderful words!

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      1. Some monsters can be tamed, but I see your point. It takes time to reveal them sometimes. Those are preexisting secrets. It’s the ones that develop later that are monsters.

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  2. monsters who announce their monstrousness are the easiest. they can be evaded if not vanquished. monsters who think they are harmless little secrets sneak up on one. secrets that don’t start out to be secret or monsters but metastasize are the worst.

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    1. Things you don’t know you don’t know, then, or things you know but you don’t know they are important or dangerous to know. I agree.


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