Reminiscence, Posthaste

(with languid jocularity)

“hey babe, I was just thinking about how we met.

Wasn’t that the craziest thing?”

he grins with lackadaisical possessiveness

“I am so lucky to have you”

with the soughing of pining pines

she smiles, indulging

“yes dear. It’s a story

no one will ever believe.

There I was a wounded puppy

cuddly as hundred stroke

brushed plush.

Except of course for

those porcupine quills.

I just couldn’t quit

perforating the cellular membranes

of all who tried to love me”

he chuckles, self-congratulatory

“I just knew it in my dimples

I remembered my Wonderland days

swung my flamingo

rolled you hedgehog style

and ricocheted the sticky wickets.

tamed those quills right down.

I remember it just like it was yesterday.”

“That was yesterday”


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