Contextual Tango, Greened

Written in collaboration with a very Clever (make that Ward Clever) poet


From across the room

you catch their eyes

smile hazeled twinkles

while crooking the finger

of your jostling thoughts

the words don’t realize

they are wending toward you

until they stand breath held

two steps back, left side


Bending to your will

their eyes follow, captivating

whispers pouring from lips

right hand on the small of your back

your green emeralds fractured

hearing them in kaleidoscope

they form in mist on window glass

you finally exhale

breathe in secret messages


Under centripetal force

of your dancing syllables

they twirl in burbling cadence

threading whispers through stars

jades of your soul refracting

waft in impish perfume

scatter gems of hinted meaning

on a symphonic whim

each breath a studded lifetime


Furtively, like Cupid’s assassins

they gracefully stalk your senses

arching backs, hazel lights ablaze

shooting glances into hearts

savoring verdant spirits

intoxicating to discern

dizzying lyrical harmonies

breaths escape in laughter

with smiles, the chasers


In metaphors’ enchantment

swim arcs of fantasy

scented emerald as the isles

you spin through luscious syntaxes

orchestrating heady liberty

fleetfooted and provocative

they pause, softly wink

you gasp inaudibly

anticipate the leap


Hands meet in chiasmus

the steps foretold in dreams

leaving softly spoken footprints

in sea foam scrubbed sand

they harmonize in dulcet tones

daring your aerial motion

catching you in sweet nothings

breathing in lullabies

singing songs of your grace


Their choreography phases

shifts to luminous humming

draping across your soul

kelly blankets of intuition

bridge known and connotated

touching sips of permanence

in the pause between notions

drift murmurs salted sweet

your breathing sighs apace


Shadows from every letter

waltzing to minuets

stars twinkle to dazzling darkness

strobing, midori afterglow

their effect forming rivulets

streaming down your memories

you mouth the words

falling from sage lips

with one last tranquil breath



(photo: mine)

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